Gettin' hitched 10.23.11

How we met.

He said:

Though we had already been working at the same place for some time, we really met for the first time over lunch with coworkers in Rockville, MD. We didn't talk much during that lunch, and we rarely interacted at work, but we did occasionally talk during after-work social events. One weekend, after unwittingly mutual capitulation (Should I? Or shouldn't I?) we nearly simultaneously 'friended' each other on Facebook (I created an account expressly for this purpose). This simultaneous 'friending' resulted in a ferocious 'poke' war, which ended when Ann declared, "the winner has to take the loser out to lunch." I surrendered, and we went to lunch.

She said:

I had been working at HZDG for a few months when Eric started in April 2007. I remember a bunch of us taking him out to a vegetarian restaurant his first week, and then we didn’t cross paths for a while. (I was a print AE and he was a web developer--it’s almost like the Sharks and the Jets.) Eventually we started working on a couple projects together; a Flash intro here, 75 banner ads there...and I’ve been telling him what to do ever since.